This may not be an ideal spot to buy, as the stop loss may be a great distance away from the entry point, exposing the trader to risk that doesn’t justify the potential reward. The inverted hammer appears whenever there is a downtrend and shows the possibility of a higher price movement. The candlestick’s small body indicates that the stock price has fallen, and the stock sellers have lost some market control. Futures, Options on Futures, Foreign Exchange and other leveraged products involves significant risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Spot Gold and Silver contracts are not subject to regulation under the U.S. Before deciding to trade forex and commodity futures, you should carefully consider your financial objectives, level of experience and risk appetite.


If traders don’t take into consideration additional indicators and oscillators may be misled which can result in the wrong outcomes for their strategy. Hammer and inverted hammer are both bullish reversal patterns that take place at the end of a downtrend. The bears, who have been a dominant force so far, are starting to lose their momentum. Again, you can either wait for the confirmation candle, or open the trade immediately after the inverted hammer is formed.

Nevertheless, the bullish trend prevails the bearish, thus, the shape of a reversed hammer is formed. The chart above of the S&P Mid-Cap 400 ETF illustrates a bottom reversal off of an inverted hammer candlestick pattern. The inverted hammer candlestick opens lower, but then bulls are immediately able to push prices higher.

inverted hammer forms

A shooting star forms after an uptrend and signals a bearish trend reversal, while an inverted hammer signals a bullish trend reversal coming from a bearish trend. However, the fact that buyers were able to push the price up from the open indicates that there is potential for further upward movement. An inverted hammer followed by a bullish candlestick is considered a strong indication of an upcoming bullish trend reversal. Traders can spot and correctly analyze the double bottom pattern and after that take its second low as the inverted hammer candle. The latter confirms the upcoming trend that is prominence by the double bottom and the combination signals that a potential uptrend is about to happen.

It shows the slowdown of the bearish trend at the resistance zone and in an oversold condition, which gives buyers a chance to increase the price by starting a new bullish trend. This is the simple psychology of retail traders behind the chart. Let’s read the price chart’s market activity during inverted hammer candle formation.

Step 2. Identify the Length of Shadows

When I refer to hammers in this article, I’m also including the above two types of doji candlesticks. It can mean a host of things, but during that period, the buyers have run out of momentum, and the sellers are starting to get aggressive. The following candlestick is crucial because it can give you an idea of where the markets will go for a more significant move.

As shown in the zoomed-in below, place the stop loss below this zone of support. As long as one maintains a positive risk-to-reward ratio, targets can be on the same level as the recent resistance level. Let’s take the following example of the EUR/USD to see how to use the hammer candle in the technical analysis.

trade the hammer

Hammers that appear at support levels or after several bearish candles are bullish. Inverted hammers at resistance levels or after several bullish candles are bearish. Inverted Hammer candlesticks occur primarily at the bottom of downtrends and can be an indication of a potential bullish trend reversal. Is really important – technical traders should be on the lookout for confirmation of the power of the bulls. Look out for gaps up, if the body closes above the body of the inverted hammer or if its a solid bullish candle. The hammer and inverted hammer are both bullish reversal patterns.

Bearish Inverted Hammer

An inverted hammer is a single candlestick pattern indicating a reversal from bearish to bullish. It’s also known as an upward hammer, which is much more descriptive than its name. The inverted hammer is a reversal pattern at the end of a downtrend.

trading session

The increased confidence of the becomes the end for the downtrend, and a bullish trend emerges shortly thereafter. The color of the candle is relatively unimportant, but if it is green, it can show some bullishness. The inverted hammer typically has a high low range, but this can vary depending on how sharp the downtrend is. For example, they might seem to happen at the bottom of the range when looking at a lower chart resolution, but they could actually be occurring at the top of the trend.

In an inverted hammer, the long shadow mainly forms in the range of the previous candlestick. An inverted hammer candlestick pattern is a price action pattern formed by an upside-down version of the traditional hammer candlestick. An inverted hammer signals that a bearish trend may be reversing and could indicate a potential reversal in the direction of price movement. The inverted hammer candlestick pattern generally indicates a reversal to the uptrend in the short term.

How To Use An Inverted Hammer Candlestick Pattern In Technical Analysis

The prior before the candlestick pattern is bearish, indicating oversold conditions. Sellers are trying their best to decrease the price in the market. But after forming an inverted hammer pattern at a support zone, a bullish trend reversal starts.

In previous articles, we analyzed various price action strategies such as the bullish and bearish pennants, triangles, cup and handle, shooting star, and bullish and bearish flags. A hanging man candle is similar to a hammer but indicates a bearish reversal. Moreover, unlike a hammer, it appears mainly at the end of an uptrend. At a minimum, I always want a hammer candle to be as big as the recent candles on the chart if I am going to use it as an entry or exit signal in my trading. The third candle closed outside the implied range, setting up a great short. Hanging man is a bearish reversal pattern if appearing in an uptrend.

The hammer and the inverted hammer candlestick patterns are among the most popular trading formations. If a particular stock’s closing price is quite higher than the stock’s opening price, a bullish hammer-like pattern is visible on the stock charts. The pattern depicts that the buyers of the stock market no longer have control of the market as the trading period ends. However, unlike an inverted hammer, the hammer candlestick has a tiny or no upper wick but a lower wick that is quite long. The inverted hammer pattern indicates that the traders might buy the stock at a lower price. Post such purchases, the buyers in the market ensure that the stock price goes up, creating an inverted hammer candlestick.

The first parameter is that it should not form within the range of candlesticks or during sideways market movements because the sense of the pattern changes with the change of location. A new hammer appears rejecting this resistance, giving you another short entry opportunity. This suggests that the previous bullish momentum may pause or reverse.

What Does the Inverted Candlestick Hammer Mean?

You must identify the pattern clearly, as several candlesticks might look like an inverted hammer. Also, you must understand how it is formed and the reasons behind its formation so that you can identify it easily. The pattern is considered an important signal or indicator showing a market change within a trading day. There are three parts of an inverted hammer –The body, two shadows, and the wicks of the candlestick. The upper wick originates and gets extended from the body’s centre. The inverted hammer candle is green in colour, and it creates a bottom shadow that is quite lengthy.

Like traditional hammers, inverted hammers indicate that there may be some bullish momentum starting to build up within the market. If either of the inverted hammer and/or the confirmation candle is accompanied by a relatively higher trading volume, then it improves up the probability of price reversal. The buyers have returned to the market in full swing with high buying demand, and hence they are getting stronger and are able to push up the prices. Therefore, its time to go long – that is, buy the security, or cut the losses if holding a short position.

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