Mechanical Systems

Mountech's installation designs aim to implement systems that create extremely comfortable and configurable environments for the well-being of users and workers; natural ventilation, heating and natural lighting are combined with active control systems, such as air conditioning, to achieve high levels of comfort and efficiency.

Careful design, the development of accurate construction detailing, the continuous development and training of technicians and designers and the supervision of the installation phases ensure a high-quality product with high performance and cost-effective maintenance plans.
Our design solutions have always integrated eco-friendly, sustainable methods, and are the result of the most innovative technologies available on the market.
Over the years, Mountech has gained significant experience so we can offer a broad spectrum of services in this area.

Types of project

Heating and air conditioning +

- Thermo-refrigerated power stations fuelled with liquid, gaseous or solid fuels, or electrically powered stations, equipped with heat generators/refrigeration units/heat pumps
- Radiant systems: floor, wall, ceiling, radiant panels, radiant tubes, micro-perforated radiant ceiling panels
- Natural convection systems: radiators
- Forced convection systems: fan convectors, air treatment units, aerothermal heaters, ducts, air heaters, autonomous hot air generators, roof top, air blades
- Air conditioning: with direct expansion systems, with heat pump systems, with refrigeration units
- Air treatment systems with ambient humidity control
- Centralised heating systems with thermal energy recording (thermo-autonomous)

Air treatment and systems +

- Design and recording for systems with air treatment units, roof top, etc.
- Air distribution ducts, fan gas power components, etc.
- Control of internal environmental conditions

Renewable energy plants (solar-thermal, solar-photovoltaic, geothermal, etc.) +

- Photovoltaic plant design
- Cogeneration and tri-generation plant design
- Solar-thermal plant design
- Solar cooling plant design
- Geothermal/hydrothermal

Hydro-sanitary and water treatment plants +

- Multi-layer and/or removable-type hydro-sanitary plants
- Discharge distribution systems, water lifting stations
- Compressed air distribution systems
- Civil and/or industrial water treatment plants
- Rainwater reclamation systems for irrigation and/or washing

Irrigation and rainwater reclamation +

- Rainwater reclamation systems for irrigation and/or washing
- Outdoor irrigation systems

Industrial installations +

- Compressed air distribution plants
- Steam production and distribution plants
- Medical gas distribution systems
- Energy recovery feasibility studies

Combustible gas adduction plants +

- Gas distribution plants
- Heat generator flue gas discharge ducts

Waste water treatment and discharge plants +

- Discharge distribution system
- Water lift stations
- Waste water treatment

Fire-fighting systems +

- Design of fire hydrant systems and sprinklers, in accordance with Italian/European regulations (UNI-EN 12845) and American regulations (NFPA 13)
- Design of foam-extinguishing systems in accordance with NFPA 11
- Design of flood systems in accordance with NFPA 15
- Design of gas extinguishing systems (CO2), in accordance with NFPA 12 regulations
- Design of fire-fighting stations and rooms, in accordance with Italian regulation UNI 11292 and American regulation NFPA 20

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