Energy Management

The Energy Management service (energy control) is divided into two macro areas:
1. The first relates to energy purchasing contracts, which provide energy analyses and studies of energy indices, simulations and comparisons of tenders, economic reviews and customised service for each customer.
2. The second involves monitoring for invoice analyses, forecasting and restructuring of invoices and reports on a monthly or half-yearly basis, as required.

Additionally, the enactment of Legislative Decree 102 of 4 July 2014 establishes a framework of measures for the promotion and improvement in energy efficiency which contributes to the achievement of the national energy saving target.
Large companies will be required to implement an energy diagnosis, conducted by the SSE energy services company, EGE experts in energy management or energy auditors, at manufacturing sites located within the country by 05/12/2015 and every 4 years thereafter.
Alternatively, power-intensive businesses will be required to implement a management system conforming to ISO 50001.
After 24 months from the date of entry into force of the decree (19/07/2016), the energy diagnoses will be carried out by certified persons in accredited bodies, in accordance with UNI CEI 11352 and UNI CEI 11339.

Types of project

Optimisation of energy contracts +

Optimisation of energy contracts

Energy consumption monitoring +

Energy consumption monitoring

Energy audits +

Energy audits

Energy Efficiency Certificates (White Certificates) +

Energy Efficiency Certificates (White Certificates)

Energy Efficiency Certificates (White Certificates) +

Energy Efficiency Certificates (White Certificates)

Renewable energies +

Renewable energies

Tax exemption +

Tax exemption

Procedures for tax deductions +

Procedures for tax deductions

General energy consulting +

General energy consulting

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