Electric Systems

Mountech's installation designs aim to implement systems that create extremely comfortable and configurable environments for the well-being of users and workers; natural ventilation, heating and natural lighting are combined with active control systems, such as air conditioning, to achieve high levels of comfort and efficiency.

Careful design, the development of accurate construction detailing, the continuous development and training of technicians and designers and the supervision of the installation phases ensure a high-quality product with high performance and cost-effective maintenance plans.

Types of project

Building and home automation +

- Building automation systems, home automation systems, building management systems
- Building automation systems, home automation systems, building management systems
- Audio-video videoconferencing systems, meeting rooms, auditoria
- Supervision systems
- PC and TOUCH-SCREEN display systems
- Remote control via web server systems
- Multi-room audio-video systems
- Media centre systems
- Video and audio server systems
- Multimedia keyboard, wireless touch, I-PHONE, I-PAD control systems, etc.
- Energy consumption control systems

BT/MT power distribution and BT/MT cabins +

- MT and MT/BT cabins, prefabricated or non-prefabricated, with a shaft system, with 1 transformer, with multiple individual transformers, with parallel transformers, average voltage selectivity calculation, average voltage cable calculation, medium voltage ring calculations.
- Electrical switchboards for power-centres, b.t.
- Cabling calculations b.t.
- Selectivity and subsidiary calculations
- Cable and electrical conductor calculations
- Calculation of cable duct systems - energy cables, data/special cables
- Calculation of low-voltage systems
- Lighting tests - standard lighting, emergency and external lighting
- Centralised emergency lighting System calculations
- Hospital environments
- Network-generation switching systems
- Dimensioning of track-side systems
- Electrical safety systems
- Weather protection systems

Interior lighting +

- Standard lighting control
- Dimmable lighting control
- RGB LED lighting control
- Motorised aperture control systems
- Controls with various types of sensors

Exterior and street lighting +

- Electric cable calculation
- Lighting tests
- Lighting control systems
- Public lighting control plans
- Public lighting operation project

Telecommunication and Telephony - security and video surveillance systems +

- CCTV installations
- Videoconferencing systems
- Preset and/or fully customisable set installations
- Audio systems
- Terrestrial and satellite TV systems
- Data transmission systems
- Telephone systems.

Building/plant system control +

- Optimisation of the building/plant system climatic regulator for maximum environmental comfort, maximum energy saving and reduced maintenance costs;
- Remote central heating control, heating system, air conditioning and treatment systems implemented with integrated B.M.S. systems, running single-line automation schemes for centralisation of states, operations and alarms.

Non-inflammable equipment +

- Quantity specification of hazardous substances and definition of the characteristics of hazardous substances
- Specification of emission sources in normal operation, and emission sources in cases of component failures
- Ventilation calculation
- Definition of dimensions and forms of hazardous areas
- Identification of types of electrical installation to be installed
- Drafting of electrical systems maintenance registers in areas with explosion risks
- Maintenance work planning, in accordance with the regulations
- Periodic inspections of electrical systems, in accordance with the regulations
- Installation testing

Renewable energy plants (solar photovoltaic, miniaturised wind power plants, etc.) +

- Preliminary studies
- Identification of the most suitable sites for the installation
- Assessment of economic sustainability
- Business plan
- Environmental impact analysis
- Evaluation of technical and architectural solutions for the integration of the installation into the building
- Authorisation management
- Designing power lines and distributor network connection lines
- Executive design
- Monitoring system design
- Graphic and technical reporting As - Built
- Practical ENEL/GSE follow-up
- Practical UTF follow-up
- Testing
- Installed plant expertise
- Commissioning and configuration of monitoring facilities
- Testing and commissioning
- Post-installation service
- Monitoring system performance over time

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